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Most cities, counties, and municipalities require a permit for sign work. We will outline some of the general requirements below but rest assured that Republic Sign can pull permits from not only San Antonio and Austin, but also from the surrounding service areas. Unlike some companies that are only able to pull permits within San Antonio city limits, Republic Sign is capable of full service permitting throughout the cities we serve, as well as the outlying communities in which we love to work.

While specific sign permit ordinances may vary by jurisdiction, your sign experts at Republic Sign will walk you through all the necessary steps. Local ordinances may require both construction and electrical permits – depending upon the exact sign installation, sign repair, custom signs, or lighting needs of your project. New pole signs, and some monument signs, typically require a structural engineered design to be included along with the sign permit application.  We work closely with several engineering firms to provide this information so our clients won’t have to take on this burden.

Here, at Republic Sign, we pride ourselves on being locally owned, well-established, and capable of assisting with all permitting needs of your unique project.  We can help you with all steps of your sign design, to include walking you through reaching out to your local permitting agency to understand the specifics of sign and lighting permit laws in your area.


  • ALL non-electrical signs greater than 15 square feet require a permit with the exception of temporary signs (like, “Grand Opening”) and real estate signs.

  • All electrical signs require a permit.

  • Re-facing existing signs requires a permit. 

  • Permits can only be secured by licensed installers, not by private individuals.

  • Republic Sign handles all authorization forms included as part of the permitting process for you.

  • Republic Sign can process permits for San Antonio, Austin, as well as and the many surrounding municipalities.

  • Republic Sign holds our own sign and electrical licensing.  While other companies may rely on the licensing of individuals outside of their company, we are proud to share that our locally owned company does not rely on any third parties for licensing.

  • We can handle all aspects of the permit process for you – from initial site surveys, graphic design and layouts, as well as any engineering or other information that may be required.

  • Sign regulations can change across time and locations within Texas.  We encourage you to research the requirements for your project.  If you would like help in contacting the appropriate entity for your business, we are here to assist.

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